Ken Morris Trophy

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Ken Morris Trophy 2021.

1st Round Week commencing

Group 'A'     Group 'B'  
Cresselly     Haverfordwest  
Pembroke Dock     Hundleton  
Llechryd     Carew  
Neyland     Nomads  
Whitland     Narberth  

Fixtures 2021

24th June 'A' Neyland v Llechryd  
24th June 'A' Pembroke Dock v Cresselly  
24th June 'B' Narberth v Nomads  
24th June 'B Carew v Hundleton  
29th June 'A' Whitland v Llechryd  
1st July 'A' Cresselly v Neyland  
1st July 'B' Haverfordwest v Narberth  
1st July 'B' Carew v Nomads  
8th July 'A' Llechryd v Pembroke Dock  
8th July 'A' Cresselly v Whitland  
8th July 'B' Hundleton v Narberth  
8th July 'B' Haverfordwest v Carew  
15th July 'A' Llechryd v Cresselly  
15th July 'A' Pembroke Dock v Neyland  
15th July 'B' Haverfordwest v Nomads  
15th July 'B' Narberth v Carew  
22nd July 'A' Neyland v Whitland  
22nd July 'B' Hundleton v Haverfordwest  
28th July 'A' Whitland v Pembroke Dock  
28th July 'B' Hundleton v Nomads  



12th August Winners of Group 'A' v Runners up of Group 'B'  
12th August Winners of Group 'B' v Runners up of Group 'A'  


Man of the Match:      



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