President: Mr Mel Williams

Chairman : Mr Glyn Cole Tel: 07779 154977

Vice Chairman : Mr D Lloyd

Secretary: Mr Philip Tallet, Tel: 01646 682234

Machine Co-ordinator: William Newell, Tel 01239 612895 / 07800 525111

The Groundsmanship Association has just completed its eleventh year, which saw seventeen clubs affiliate to the Association and thus be able to take advantage of the equipment available for autumn pitch renovation. This equipment is available to all clubs affiliated to the County Club for a modest fee, which covers delivery and collection, security and maintenance and servicing costs.Already those clubs that used this equipment in the autumn have seen the benefits to their squares.

Any club interested in joining the Association or requiring further details on what is available to help them improve their squares may do so by contacting William Newell, Tel 01239 612895 / 07800 525111.


To view Groundsman Course Video July 2023 click here The video is password protected, password is WCC