LBS Builders Merchants



(Sponsored by LBS Builders Merchants)

This trophy was presented by Pembroke Cricket Club in honour of their President, Mr AC Colley.

Mr Colley was appointed Chairman of Pembroke County Cricket Club in 1962.

Pembroke County Cricket Club are pleased that LBS Builders Merchants of Merlins Bridge have agreed to sponsor the Alec Colley Cup this year. We are very grateful to LBS for taking on this sponsorship.

The Man of the Match trophy is sponsored by Neyland Cricket Club in memory of Martyn Rees. We are grateful for their continued generosity.



1. Entry eligibility

The competition is restricted to second-eleven teams of Clubs affiliated to Pembroke County Cricket Club. The first elevens of Clubs participating in this competition must enter and compete at least one match in the Harrison-Allen Bowl Competition before playing in this competition.

2. General Rules

The rules of the Harrison-Allen Competition shall apply except as ­modified by the following paragraphs.

3. Match length

Each match shall consist of twenty (20) overs for each innings. No bowler may bowl more than five (5) overs in an innings. The final round shall consist of two (2) innings each of twenty (20) overs for each side.

4. Player eligibility

Any player, other than a substitute fielder, having played in a completed Harrison-Allen Bowl match, will be ineligible to compete in this competition in the same year. The definition of “played in” and “a completed match” shall be as defined in Harrison-Allen Rule 4. In addition, any player who has played 7 or more league games for the club’s first team in that season shall also be ineligible to play in the competition.

Should any club play an ineligible player then that club will be liable to a fine not exceeding £50 and will forfeit the match.

5. Player eligibility for Harrison-Allen

Participation in the Alec Colley Cup Competition will not debar a player from taking part in subsequent rounds of the Harrison-Allen Bowl Competition.

6. Trophies

Medals shall be presented to the winners of the Alec Colley Cup on that day and also the runners-up in the Competition shall receive a suitable award.

7. Semi-Finals/Final

​The Final will be played at the ground of Pembroke Cricket Club, on a date to be decided by the Executive Committee, and will consist of two (2) innings for each side. The Semi Finals of this competition will be played on neutral grounds to be decided by the Pembroke County Cricket Club.

8. Final

Once the final has commenced should a result not be obtained, or should the final result in a tie, then the match will be awarded to the side scoring the most runs in the first innings. In the event of the match still being tied, the match will be awarded to the team having lost the least number of wickets in the first innings. If the result is still a tie, the match will be awarded to the team which has scored the most runs off the bat in the first innings. If the result is still a tie then five players from each side will bowl at the wickets. If the result is still a tie then a sudden death bowl off will take place.


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