This cup is sponsored by the family of the late DR Morris; this cup was presented by the late Mr Duggie Morris, former President of the County Club.

Clubs who eligible to play are all previous winners of League Division I and winners of the Harrison-Allen Bowl, other than those teams which have relinquished their affiliation to Pembroke County Cricket Club and then returned at a subsequent time.


1. The rules of the Harrison-Allen Bowl Competition shall apply except as modified by the previous or later paragraphs.

2. Match length/Bowling restrictions/Match result

All matches shall be played in the evening and consist of TWENTY (20) overs for each side. No bowler may bowl more than four (4) overs in an innings. The side that scores the most runs will win the match.

3. Semi-finals

The Semi Finals of this competition will be played on neutral grounds to be decided by the Pembroke County Cricket Club.

3a. Final

The Final Round will be played on the ground of Burton Cricket Club. The Final will start at 12.00 noon and shall consist of two (2) innings for each side. Each innings to consist of twenty (20) overs with no bowler being allowed to bowl more than four (4) overs in each innings.

3b. Delayed start/Suspension

If the start of the final is delayed, or play suspended due to the unfitness of the ground, weather or light the duration of the match may be rescheduled provided agreement is reached by both team captains. No bowler to bowl more than four (4) overs per innings.

3c. Tied Game

Once the final has commenced, should a result not be obtained, or should the final result in a tie, then the match will be awarded to the side scoring the most runs in the first innings. In the event of the match still being tied, the match will be awarded to the team having lost the least number of wickets in the first innings. If the result is still a tie, the match will be awarded to the team which has scored the most runs off the bat in the first innings. If the result is still a tie then five players from each side will bowl at the wickets. If the result is still a tie then a sudden death bowl off will take place.

4. Match Ball

Pembroke CCC will provide the match balls.

5. Trophies

Miniature cups or medals will be presented to each participant in the final of the D.R. Morris Cup competition, including umpires, 12th men and scorers.

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