This trophy was presented to the Club by the Pembrokeshire Silver Jubilee Committee to commemorate The Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Jubilee Cup will be played for annually between the winners of the Harrison-Allen Bowl Competition and the winners of the League (Div. 1) in that year. In the event of the same Club winning both competitions, the ­runner-up of the League (Div. 1) will provide the opposition. The final of this competition shall be played on the ground of the Harrison Allen Winners.


1. General Rules

The rules of the Harrison-Allen Bowl Competition shall apply except as modified by the previous or later paragraphs

2. Match Start/Format

The match will start at 1.45pm. It shall consist of sixty (60) overs unless a definite result is obtained before, or it should be interrupted by ground, weather or light conditions. No bowler may bowl more than six (6) overs.

3. Match interruption

The side batting first may bat up to a maximum of thirty (30) overs. A tea interval of twenty (20) minutes will be taken between innings.

4. Match length

The second innings shall be limited to the same number of overs as the first innings unless the side batting first was all out or declared its innings closed in less than thirty (30) overs. In this case the side batting second may bat up to a maximum of thirty (30) overs to obtain a result.

5. Match disruption

If the start of the second innings is delayed, or is interrupted by ground, weather or light conditions, and the required number of overs as in (4) has not been bowled by 6.10 pm the match will end.

6. Match result if game incomplete

If a definite result is not obtained at the end of the match, or the scores are equal, the result will be determined by the scores at the end of the fifteenth (15th) over of each innings. If this is not possible the match will be replayed.

7. Match result

The team scoring the highest number of runs shall win the match.


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