This magnificent trophy was presented to Pembroke County Cricket Club by the late Mr & Mrs George Ormond of Carew Mill, to stimulate the interest of the youth of the county. The final of this competition will be played on the First Team ground of Carew Cricket Club.

We are again indebted  to Mr Tony Pigeon of Carew Cricket Club for his continued sponsorship of the competition; and offer our thanks and appreciation for his support. The Pembroke County Cricket Club is grateful to Nic Evans of the Cricket Shop for sponsoring the Man of the Match award.


1. General Rules

The rules of the Harrison-Allen Competition shall apply except for those rules modified by the following paragraphs.

2. International Matches

The Executive and Finance Committee of the Pembroke County Cricket Club shall be authorised, on request, to alter the date of an Ormond Youth Cup fixture (excluding the final) should any player from the clubs involved, over the age of fourteen years by September 1st in the year of the competition, be chosen to play for Wales (in an international match or county match), the West of England or any of the Home Countries.

3. Semi-Final/Final Venues

(a) The final of this competition will be played on the ground of Carew Cricket Club. The Semi Finals of this competition will be played on neutral grounds to be decided by the Pembroke County Cricket Club.

(b) Should a result not be obtained, or should the final result in a tie, then the match will be awarded to the side scoring the most runs in the first innings. In the event of the match still being tied, the match will be awarded to the team having lost the least number of wickets in the first innings. If the result is still a tie, the match will be awarded to the team which has scored the most runs off the bat in the first innings. If the result is still a tie then five players from each side will bowl at the wickets. If the result is still a tie then a sudden death bowl off will take place.

4. Eligibility

Any player who has reached the age of 18 years by September 1st in the year of the competition shall be ineligible to play.

Age qualification:

Players who are selected in a County U12 squad in the Spring for a summer squad or in another squad deemed by ECB Performance Manager to be of a standard above ”District Level” for that season are eligible to play Open Age Cricket. This is providing they are at least 11 years old and in School year 7 on the 1st September in the year preceding the season, and have written parental consent to play. In allowing these players to play in Open Age Cricket it is essential that Clubs and Coaches recognise the “duty of Care” obligations towards these younger players.

This means that the County Squad and Area Squad players, both boys and girls, are able to play Open Age Group Cricket if they are in an U12 Age group and are a minimum of 11 years old on the 1st September in the year preceding the season. District and Club players who are not in a County or Area squad must wait until they reach the U13 Age group i.e. 12 years old and in School year 8 on the 1st September of the preceding year, prior to being able to play in any Open Age Cricket. Again written parental consent is required for these players.

Should any club field an under age player then that club may be liable to a fine not exceeding £50 and will lose all points awarded for that match.

5. Clubs Combining

a. All players taking part in the competition shall be bona-fide playing members of their respective Clubs. Clubs, however, may combine, but permission to do so must be obtained in writing from the Executive Committee before the First Round Draw has been made.

No more than 3 clubs may combine, with no club providing more than 4 players. If two clubs combine, neither club could have more than 6 players in the side.

b. Where a Club does not enter a team in the Ormond Youth Cup and Plate, a bona-fide member of such a club, as defined by League rule 6b) (page 65), may play for a club entered in the Ormond Youth Cup and Plate, on completing and signing a Ormond Youth Cup/Plate registration form.

Form to be completed before the start of play on that day and returned to the Cup Organiser along with the official team sheet. (For junior players a date of birth must be certified by the players parent or guardian.)

The onus of proving a player is a bona-fide Ormond Youth Cup/Plate playing member, rests with the Club concerned.

6. Penalty for non fulfilment

In the case of a Club not fulfilling a fixture in the competition they will be debarred from the competition for that season and may also be fined.

7. Match length/Bowling restrictions

Each match shall consist of twenty (20) overs for each innings. No bowler may bowl more than four (4) overs in an innings. The Final Round shall consist of two (2) innings, each of twenty (20) overs, for each side.

8. Trophies

Medals shall be presented to the winners of the Ormond Youth Cup on that day, and also the runners-up in the Competition shall receive a suitable award.

9. Umpires

Expenses of £15 per Umpire will be shared by the participating Clubs.

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