Ormond Youth Plate

This competition is played under the same rules as the Ormond Youth Cup

In 2003 the Executive Committee decided that clubs who were knocked out of the Ormond Youth Cup in the first round should have the chance to play at least one more competitive cup match and introduced the Ormond Youth Plate. Whilst this competition was slow to take off, today, all teams who enter the Ormond Youth Cup also enter the Plate competition. Initially we played the final at a number of various grounds, but in 2007 we accepted an offer from Lawrenny C.C. to play the final at their ground.

At the same time we received an offer of sponsorship with the offer of a ­trophy to award to the winners. Our treasurer, Mr. Roly Edwards, spoke with Philip Lloyd, who, together with members of his family agreed to donate a ­trophy in memory of his father, Mr David Lloyd, who was County Secretary from 1959 to 1974 - David also played wicketkeeper for Steynton C.C.

We offer our thanks and appreciation to both the family of the late David Lloyd and to Lawrenny C.C. for their support and co-operation in ­developing this competition.

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