1. Club Name

The Club shall be called PEMBROKE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB. The Club colours shall be Dark Blue and White.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the Club shall be:-

(a) To promote the best interests of Cricket inside the County of Pembroke and elsewhere;

(b) ‘To ensure a duty of care to all members of the Pembroke County Cricket Club by adopting and implementing the ECB ‘Safe Hands - Welfare of young people in Cricket’ Policy and any future versions of the Policy.

(c) To organise cricket matches against other Counties and Clubs;

(d) To organise the Harrison-Allen Challenge Bowl Competition, the Ormond Youth Cup Competition; the Duggie Morris Cup Competition, the Alec Colley Cup Competition and any other Competition considered to be necessary;

(e) To organise the Pembroke County Cricket League;

(f) To encourage Youth cricket activities;

(g) To encourage and support the raising of Umpiring standards;

(h) To encourage the raising of Groundsmanship Standards

3. Membership

Members shall be provided with a copy of these Rules upon admission. Application for Membership shall be made to the Hon. Secretary.

Membership shall be open to all irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status and sexual orientation.

Membership shall consist of:-

(a) Members;

(b) Youth Members, ie under 18 years of age (with no voting powers);

(c) Affiliated Clubs; (d) Life Members; (e) Associate Members.

Any club wishing to become an ‘Affiliated club’ of the Pembroke County Cricket Club will do so at the discretion of the Executive and Finance Committee. If the club is successful in their application, they will be entered into the lowest league for the following year’s fixtures.

(No part of this rule, as it applies to membership of, or affiliation to the County Club shall apply to Youth and Junior cricket) Life Members being those persons who in recognition of their outstanding services to the Club have been elected “Life Members” at an Annual General Meeting. Nominations for Life Membership must be submitted to the Hon. Secretary no later than the penultimate Wednesday in January of each year and nominations (if any) should then be submitted to the Executive Committee prior to consideration at the Annual General Meeting in February.

Associate Membership may be granted to an organisation engaged in playing cricket or in the administration of specific matters relating to the game. An application for Associate Membership shall be made in writing by the organisation seeking such membership and may be allowed by the Committee if they see fit. Associate Members shall have no power to vote or to propose alterations to these rules or to any rules accepted by the County Club.

4. Management

The management of the club shall be in the hands of the Executive and Finance Committee (the Committee) who shall be the Officers of the Club and six representatives from affiliated Clubs elected at the Annual General Meeting. Five members to be present to form a quorum.

The officers of the County Club shall consist of The President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Immediate Past Chairman, Hon. Secretary, League Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Assistant Hon. Secretary, Grounds Advisor, Junior League Organiser, Safeguarding Officer, Player Registration Officer and Cup Organiser.

The Committee shall have the powers to appoint an officer(s), (even if this means creating a new officer position,) and to co-opt members if required, and to fill any temporary vacancies until the next Annual General Meeting.

Only members of the Pembroke Conty Cricket Club are eligible for election as Officers of the Club or to the Executive and Finance Committee.

5. Selection

A Senior Selection Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting consisting of five members who shall be responsible for the selection of teams for County Senior matches, including trial matches at senior level; and

The Hon. Secretary, if elected to these Committees, shall be an ex- officio and non-voting member of these Committees. No two persons from the same affiliated club shall be elected to the County Senior Selection Committee or to the Youth and Junior Selection Committee.

6. Property

The property of the Club shall be vested in the Executive Committee for the time being. The Committee shall have the entire management of the funds and affairs of the Club and shall make Bye-Laws and Regulations as necessary.

7. Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called if requested by at least ten members, of which fourteen days notice will be given to all Members, stating the object of the Meeting.

8. Voting

Every Full Member shall be entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting. Affiliated Clubs shall be entitled to four votes at the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting. All affiliated clubs are expected to be represented at an AGM. Should any club(s) fail to attend an AGM that club(s) will be liable to a fine of £25.

9. Playing Members

Members of all Affiliated Clubs and Full Members shall be eligible to play in matches for the County.

County Caps shall be awarded at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Any club affiliated to the Pembroke County Cricket Club shall not play a cricketer during the period of a ban by another league or club, providing that the disciplinary procedures, including the right of appeal, can be shown to the County Club to have been followed correctly.

10. Travelling expenses

Reasonable travelling expenses shall be paid to the Members of the County Club Committees for attendance at Executive Committee Meetings and Selection Committee Meetings Selection Committee Meetings and for journeys undertaken for matters directly concerned with the Club.

11. Subscriptions

All subscriptions shall be payable to the Club and shall be paid to the Hon. Treasurer. A Bankers Order will be provided on application to the Hon. Treasurer. The subscriptions shall be:-

(a) Members - £20 per year which will entitle the member free entry into PCCC cup finals and one free entry into the 150 club (from 01/01/2019).

(b) Affiliated Clubs - £70 per year. £3 of this subscription will be donated to the Pembrokeshire Association of Cricket Umpires and £40 will be paid to Cricket Wales. These subscriptions will be paid over by the County Club on behalf of the Affiliated Clubs.

(c) An entrance fee of £15 must be paid for each team entered in the league.

(d) All new clubs wishing to join the league, or clubs wishing to enter an additional team in the league shall pay a bond of £100. Half of this bond will be paid to the club concerned after the satisfactory completion of their first year in the league, with the balance of £50 being repaid at the satisfactory completion of their second year in the league.

All clubs will have until January 14th each year to pay their affiliation and entrance fees. Should any club fail to pay the relevant fees by that date that club will be excluded from all competitions in that season. Alterations in the rate of subscriptions may only be made by the Members at an Annual General Meeting, and to take effect in that year.

The financial year shall be from the first day of October until the 30th day in September of each year.

12. Bank Account

All monies due to the Club shall be paid into an Account at a Bank approved by the Committee which shall authorise the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer to be signatories on behalf of the Club. The signatures of any two shall be sufficient provided that one is that of the Hon. Treasurer.

13. Annual General Meeting

Except in exceptional circumstances, the Annual General Meeting shall be held on the last Wednesday in February of each year. It shall be held at a place specified by the Executive Committee for the following purposes:

(a) To receive reports on the previous year;

(b) To receive the audited accounts for the past financial year;

(c) To elect the Officers of the Club;

(d) To elect the Executive and Finance Committee;

(e) To elect the Selection Committees;

(f) To appoint Auditors;

(g) To elect Life Members;

(h) To transact any other business of which proper notice has been given.

A simple majority shall carry a Resolution at an Annual General Meeting except that on a Resolution involving alterations to these rules, there shall be a two-thirds majority of members present in favour of the Resoltion.

Alterations to these Rules ahall only be made at an Annual General Meeting.

14. Appointment of Officers

Subject to the special conditions relating to the Offices of President, Chairman and Vice-Chairman, nominations, properly proposed and seconded, for all Offices, Executive and Finance Committee, Selection Committees, Resolutions and Alterations to the Rules to be submitted to the Hon. Secretary not later than twenty-eight days before the Annual General Meeting.

The President shall be elected for a five year period by postal ballot and the result declared at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for President shall be made by two or more members or clubs, the written consent of each nominee having first been obtained. Each nomination must be signed and received by the Secretary not later than the penultimate Wednesday in January.

A list of all nominations shall be sent to the clubs and all eligible voters within seven (7) days after the closing date by which such nominations were due, and the ballot papers returned to the Hon. Secretary by the penultimate Wednesday in February. The Chairman shall remain in office for a period of three complete years, when he will be replaced automatically by the Vice-Chairman; the Vice-Chairman shall remain in office until such time as he becomes Chairman. On completion of his term of office, the Chairman shall continue as an Officer of the club, for three years, as Immediate Past Chairman. All other existing Officers and Committee members shall be eligible for re-election without being nominated.

If an Officer, or a member of (a) the Executive and Finance Committee or of (b) the Selection Committees, will not be seeking re-election, he shall inform the Hon. Secretary not later than 31st December. The membership of the County Club shall be informed of the names of those persons not seeking re-election not later than 6 weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

15. Auditors

Auditors shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting to audit the accounts of the Club for the current year.

16. Trustees

Appointment of Trustees to be vested in the Executive and Finance Committee.

17. Affiliation

By April 1st in each year it is a prerequisite of all clubs affiliated to the Pembroke County Cricket Club to ensure they have Public Liability Insurance for a minimum cover of one million pounds. The amount of this cover to be reviewed annually. For the avoidance of misunderstanding, no club affiliated to the Pembroke County Cricket Club will be allowed to play in matches organised by the County Club unless they can satisfy the Executive Committee that they have adequate Public Liability Insurance cover. The County Club will from time to time ask all clubs to show evidence that this cover is in place. Should any club disregard this rule the Executive Committee are empowered to refuse their affiliation.

18. Safeguarding

Safeguarding Officers

a) The League will nominate a League Safeguarding Officer (LSO) to act as agent for Cricket Wales in monitoring and enforcing minimum Safeguarding standards.

b) All clubs must have a Child Safeguarding Officer (CSO).

c) The name of the CSO must be registered with the League Safeguarding Officer (LSO) not less than 28 days before the club’s first scheduled league match.

d) The CSO requires the following as a minimum standard (all must be refreshed every 3 years)

a) A current DBS certificate registered and vetted by the ECB
b) A current Safe Hands certificate
c) A current Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) certificate (online or classroom)

e) Any changes to Club Safeguarding Officer must be registered with the LSO within one month of that change.

f) The LSO will report compliance information to Cricket Wales who have ultimate responsibility for compliance with minimum standards.

g) Captains and their Deputies

i) CSO’s are responsible for registering the names of their team Captains with the LSO not less than 28 days before the team’s first scheduled league match.

ii) Clubs must ensure that their Captains (and regular stand-ins) hold a valid DBS certificate registered and vetted by the ECB. This certificate must be renewed every 3 years.

iii) Any permanent changes to Team Captains must be registered with the LSO without delay.

General Safeguarding

a) There is an expectation that the remaining ECB Safe Hands Policies will be followed as a minimum standard. Breach of these standards may result in sanctions from the League Management Committee.

Monitoring and Enforcement

a) The LSO is entitled to request details of those in positions of responsibility as described in ECB Safe Hands from Club Chairmen or the CSO. These details will be supplied within one month from request.

b) It is recognised that Cricket Wales as owners of Safeguarding responsibility have the right to withdraw membership/affiliation of non-compliant clubs within their structure. The League and Cricket Wales will support each other in encouraging clubs to become compliant and where consistent failures remain to sanction clubs appropriately.

c) On behalf of Cricket Wales, the LSO may ask the League Management Committee to issue clubs with an improvement notice in the event of failure to adhere to minimum standards. In this instance the club will be issued with a set timescale from the date of that notice to become compliant.
Should a club fail to do so it is expected that the League Management Committee will take disciplinary action and, where appropriate, impose sanctions on the offending club, which may include expulsion from the League.


a) All clubs are required to provide sufficient qualified coaching to their youth structure. The Management Committee understands that this is a significant hurdle to overcome whilst recognising that this is a minimum standard that must be achieved. ECB Minimum standards require youth coaches to have the following:

i) Coaching qualification, with lead Coach not less than UKCC2 or equivalent

ii) ECB recognised first aid certificate

iii) Current DBS certificate registered with the ECB

iv) Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) certificate (online or classroom)

v) Minimum supervision and qualified coaching ratios

The Management Committee recognises that clubs will require time to achieve Coaching standards.

Clubs must be seen to be working towards this requirement with visible progress demonstrated.


19. Payment of Fines

Where a club is fined it is expected that the club involved will pay the outstanding fine within seven days of receiving notice of the fine. Should the fine not be paid within fourteen days of the date of the notice then a further £10 will be added to the fine for every seven days, or part thereof, the fine is left outstanding. Once the outstanding amount of the fine accrues to £50 and the total amount of the fine still has not been paid then that club will be barred from playing in any senior competition organised by the Pembroke County Cricket Club. Should a club appeal against the initial decision of the Executive Committee then it will be expected to pay the imposed fine with its letter of appeal. This will be reimbursed if the appeal is upheld.

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