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Pembrokeshire Ladies Cricket Association

President: Nick Evans, Bowlers End, 10 Chapelfield Gardens, Narberth, SA67 7ED, Tel: 01834 861788

Chairperson: Diane Morris, Meadowcroft, Cudlic Farm, Burton, SA73 1PD, Tel: 01646 601658

Secretary: Sam Rossiter, 55, Newtown Road, Hook, SA62 4LJ, Tel: 01437 891535

Treasurer: Mandy Rees, Merry Hill, St Brides Lane, Saundersfoot, Tel: 01834 814 468 / 07876 064905


Club Contacts

Burton: Diane Morris 01646 601658 / 07780 752915
Cresselly: Megan Arthur 07929 052294, Lauren Arthur 07855 210167
Haverfordwest: Ceri Phillips 07971 691450
Hook: Sam Rossiter 01437 891535 / 07951 567737
Kilgetty: Micky Marsh 07799 760762
Lawrenny: Rob Lewis 07980 073372
Narberth: Shannon Harries 07901 007151
Neyland: Sarah Arran 07581 140352
Pembroke Dock: Andrew Scott-Davies 07805 051730
Whitland: Alys John 07805 639242

Club Contacts

1. Entry:

For 2021, TEN (10) clubs have entered and will play League Fixtures in TWO divisions.

Division 1 - Burton, Cresselly, Haverfordwest, Hook and Whitland.

Division 2 - Kilgetty, Lawrenny, Narberth, Neyland and Pembroke Dock.

At the end of the season: The team finishing 5th in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2. The team finishing top of Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1.

2. Competition Name:

The competition shall be known as the Ocky WhitePembrokeshire Ladies Cricket League and shall be played in accordance with the “Laws of Cricket”, except where these are varied by the Rules.

3. Affiliation:

All Clubs taking part in the League shall be affiliated to the Pembrokeshire Ladies Cricket Association.

4. Haverfordwest:

A player must be a bona-fide member of the Club she is representing, and no player shall be eligible for more than one club during the same season, without the consent of the Committee.

5. Transfer:

Should any player wish to transfer during the cricket season to another club playing in the league, she shall send a written application to the Secretary, Pembrokeshire Ladies Cricket Association, together with a written statement from her Club Secretary agreeing the transfer.

6a. Fixtures:

Each team will play the other teams twice in the league (Home and Away).

If the home team's ground is unavailable due to men's/junior cup games, then the game should be played on the Tuesday evening at the away team's ground.

The original fixture shall be played in the second half of the season where possible.

The first half of the League season (four fixtures) shall be played under the PAIRS cricket format. The second half of the season shall revert to the rules outlined below.

6b. Pairs Rules:

The pairs half of the season will be played according to the rules stipulated for under 11’s cricket (see page 122), with the exception of the following rules:

Bowling restrictions. Each team must use a minimum of 5 bowlers. No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs.

6c. Skins Points:

The pair Skins Points. The corresponding batting pairs in each team (pair 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5) will compete for an additional point (a skins point), which will be given to the pair making the highest partnership.

One skins point offered for each corresponding pair, making a maximum of 5 skins points per game. No skin point to be awarded in the event of a tied pair.

7. Numbers of Players:

Each team will consist of eleven ladies.

8. Start Time:

Each match will start at 6 pm - but in the event of genuine difficulty a start of 6.15 pm will be allowed.

9. Non Fulfillment:

A club which fails to fulfil a fixture shall forfeit the match and the result awarded to the team prepared to play.

In such circumstances, points awarded to that team will be equal to the highest number of points achieved by any team in the league that week. If no fixtures are possible that week due to the weather, then five points shall be awarded.

10. Points System in League:

To be used for both Pairs format and normal League Rules.

10 points will be awarded to the winner.

1 bowling bonus point will be awarded for every 2 wickets taken by the bowling team.

In the event of a team batting short and their opponents capture all available wickets, then the maximum 5 points shall be awarded.

1 batting bonus point will be awarded when 20 runs have been scored.

Thereafter 1 point will be awarded for every additional 20 runs scored, up to a maximum of 5 (100 runs).

In the event of a tie 5 points shall be awarded to each team plus any bowling points.

11. Ball:

The fielding side shall be responsible for providing a suitable 5.00 oz leather ball, as approved by the Pembroke Ladies Cricket Association.

12. Umpires:

Each team will provide a suitable umpire.

13. Match Length:

Each match shall consist of twenty (20), six ball overs for each innings. The home Club to decide whether to play on a grass or artificial surface.

14. Bowling Restrictions:

No bowler may bowl more than four overs for each side.

15. Clothing:

Whenever possible players will wear suitable clothing. It is recommended that players wear dark trousers and white tops.

16. Equipment/Insurance:

The organisers of ladies cricket strongly advise players to wear protective clothing - pads, gloves etc., when batting and cannot be held responsible for any injury that may occur during a match.

However, players (excluding the wicket-keeper) will not be allowed to wear gloves whilst fielding. Please ensure your Club has ALL its players adequately insured.

17. Trophy Retention:

The winner of the Ocky White Trophy will hold the trophy for twelve months.

18. Disputes:

In the event of dispute, the decision by the Executive Committee of the Pembroke County Cricket Club will be final in all matters affecting this competition.

However, in the first instance, it is recommended clubs discuss their differences with Nick Evans, who, where possible, will arbitrate between both clubs.

19. Weather Affected Fixtures:

If a match is not played on the scheduled Tuesday evening due to weather conditions, then no (0) points shall be awarded to each team.

20. Player Retirement:

Batswomen must retire at 25, but can rebat at the end in the same batting order.


2021 season League Fixtures.

Division 1        
Tuesday 25th May Cresselly v Hook  
  Whitland v Haverfordwest  
  Burton v Bye  
Tuesday 1st June Haverfordwest v Cresselly  
  Hook v Burton  
  Whitland v Bye  
Tuesday 8th June Clive Huxley Cup Round 1      
Tuesday 15th June Burton v Haverfordwest  
  Cresselly v Whitland  
  Hook v Bye  
Tuesday 22nd June Whitland v Burton  
  Haverfordwest v Hook  
  Cresselly v Bye  
Tuesday 29th June Clive Huxley Cup Quarter Final      
Tuesday 6th July Hook v Whitland  
  Burton v Cresselly  
  Haverfordwest v Bye  
Tuesday 13th July Hook v Cresselly  
  Haverfordwest v Whitland  
  Burton v Bye  
Tuesday 20th July Cresselly v Haverfordwest  
  Burton v Hook  
  Whitland v Bye  
Tuesday 27th July Haverfordwest v Burton  
  Whitland v Cresselly  
  Hook v Bye  
Tuesday 3rd August Burton v Whitland  
  Hook v Haverfordwest  
  Cresselly v Bye  
Tuesday 10th August Whitland v Hook  
  Cresselly v Burton  
  Haverfordwest v Bye  


Division 2        
Tuesday 25th May Pembroke Dock v Kilgetty  
  Narberth v Lawrenny  
  Neyland v Bye  
Tuesday 1st June Lawrenny v Pembroke Dock  
  Kilgetty v Neyland  
  Narberth v Bye  
Tuesday 8th June Clive Huxley Cup Round 1      
Tuesday 15th June Neyland v Lawrenny  
  Pembroke Dock v Narberth  
  Kilgetty v Bye  
Tuesday 22nd June Narberth v Neyland  
  Lawrenny v Kilgetty  
  Pembroke Dock v Bye  
Tuesday 29th June Clive Huxley Cup Quarter Final      
Tuesday 6th July Kilgetty v Narberth  
  Neyland v Pembroke Dock  
  Lawrenny v Bye  
Tuesday 13th July Kilgetty v Pembroke Dock  
  Narberth v Lawrenny  
  Neyland v Bye  
Tuesday 20th July Pembroke Dock v Lawrenny  
  Neyland v Kilgetty  
  Narberth v Bye  
Tuesday 27th July Lawrenny v Neyland  
  Narberth v Pembroke Dock  
  Kilgetty v Bye  
Tuesday 3rd August Neyland v Narberth  
  Kilgetty v Lawrenny  
  Pembroke Dock v Bye  
Tuesday 10th August Narberth v Kilgetty  
  Pembroke Dock v Neyland  
  Lawrenny v Bye