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Pembrokeshire Ladies Cricket Association


We are grateful to the Directors of Skelfayre Ltd. for their support and interest in Ladies Cricket.


1. Entry

6 (six) Clubs have entered the above-named Cup Competition.

2. Trophy retention

The Cup shall be held for one year by the Club which wins the competition.

3. Entry requirements

Only Clubs which are affiliated to the Pembrokeshire Ladies Cricket Association may enter the competition.

4. Player eligibility

All players taking part in the competition shall be bona-fide playing members of their respective clubs.

5. Match arrangements

Home Clubs shall be responsible for the match arrangements in each round except the final.

6. Ball

The fielding side shall be responsible for providing a suitable leather ball - which will be 5 oz.

7. Start Time/Match forfeit

All matches played in the evening should start at 6pm, but in the event of bona-fide difficulties, a late start up to 6.15 pm may be made. In the event of a team being unable to start at 6.15 pm, the Club which is not ready to start shall forfeit the match. If a match is not played due to the weather, it must be played on the next available evening that the weather allows.

8. Match length

Each match shall consist of twenty (20) six ball overs for each innings. No bowler may bowl more than five (5) overs in an innings. Part of an over will count as a full over in so far as each bowler’s limit is concerned. The counting of the overs is the responsibility of the Umpires and only if they disagree shall the scorers be consulted. The team which scores the highest number of runs shall win the match. There will be no retiring of batswomen in Skelfayre Cup matches.

9. Points scoring system

The points system for the preliminary rounds shall be as follows. Ten points shall be awarded to the winning team. One bowling bonus point shall be awarded for every two wickets taken by the bowling team. In the event of a team batting short and their opponents capture all available wickets then the maximum five points shall be awarded. In the event of a tie five points will be awarded to each team plus any bowling points.




1995 Neyland v Cresselly


1996 Burton v Herbrandston


1997 Abandoned

1998 Herbrandston v Burton


1999 Herbrandston v Carew


2000 Herbrandston v Neyland


2001 Carew v Haverfordwest


2002 Herbrandston v Burton


2003 Cresselly v Neyland


2004 Haverfordwest v Neyland


2005 Abandoned

2006 Neyland v Whitland


2007 Neyland v Hook


2008 Hook v Neyland


2009 Neyland v Hook 


2010 Hook v Neyland                     Hook
2011 Hook v Burton
Burton 126 for 7 and 90 for 5 beat Hook 102 for 2 and 81 for 2.
2012 -- v --
2013 -- v --
2014 -- v --


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