Click on file link next to week number & date . Edit resultant page, and save with the same original file-name as imported,
and same password & folder (etc) settings as for the old "current" results page.

*Due to date revisions (caused by the winter/spring COVID lockdown)
"WEEK-2" fixtures will now occur first, on Sat 1st May,
with "WEEK-1" fixtures revised to MONDAY 3rd May*
current-2 Week 2 (Saturday 1st May 2021) (original date)
current-1 Week 1 *MONDAY 3rd May 2021*
(was initially due to be played
on Sun 25th April)
current-3 Week 3 (Saturday 8th May 2021)
current-4 Week 4 (Saturday 15th May 2021)
current-5 Week 5 (Saturday 22nd May 2021)
current-6 Week 6 (Saturday 29th May 2021)
current-7 Week 7 (Saturday 5th June 2021)
current-8 Week 8 (Saturday 12th June 2021)
current-9 Week 9 (Saturday 19th June 2021)
current-10 Week 10 (Saturday 26th June 2021)
current-11 Week 11 (Saturday 3rd July 2021)
current-12 Week 12 (Saturday 10th July 2021)
current-13 Week 13 (Saturday 17th July 2021)
current-14 Week 14 (Saturday 24th July 2021)
current-15 Week 15 (Saturday 31st July 2021)
current-16 Week 16 (Saturday 7th August 2021)
current-17 Week 17 (Saturday 14th August 2021)
current-18 Week 18 (Saturday 21st August 2021)

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